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July 27 2020 Prairie Wind Status

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I talked with Tricia today who was is trying to get a meeting with Doug Lee of Wentzville planning for Wednesday. I did not hear back on if that will happen. I do want to meet with Doug and Tricia along with Pat and Hank if they can make it. The number will be limited as we are trying to get this meeting to happen very soon. Once we meet I would like to hold another HOA meeting with all residences quickly after so we can decide what we want to do next and if that involves retaining legal services. We've had one of our neighbors, Tonya, who will lead getting the word out with a door to door message as soon as we know and we will put a sign up front again. There will be new magnents that will be handed out to each house to get this website also for some central communication. I will share more as it becomes available. 


Thank you



Thank you Martin! Please do keep us updated!

Thanks for the info Martin.  Let us know if we can help.  I'm checking this site daily.

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Thank you Martin for the update.   I agree no connection equals one more home for Mcbride and continued safety for us!  




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