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Second entrance not a favor! Just a insult!

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I also completely agree with stloulady!  As this is worded..."shall be constructed", refers to future construction and not past...in my opinion.  The city cannot pick and choose which aspects are grandfathered and which are not.

This is just being used as a tool by McBride and maybe Wentzville.  They are trying to sell it to us like they are doing us a favor... Really!  What a insult.  We may have not caught this earlier because we entrusted our elected officials to get the word out.  Not send letters that purposely left our subdivision name out of it, even though we were the only ones being affected negatively by this bad decision.

I love this town and it's people. I even voted for our Mayor.  But come on...  Let's not allow this town to become what a lot of our residents already left from in the past, due to being over crowed.  McBride can still build homes back there and make a great profit.  Maybe larger lots but less homes?  They would still sell.  This is just greed at cost to our safety and home values.  No matter how nice thouse home are, they will only give us a huge negetive impact if they tripple our traffic.

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Thank you for your response. The only thing I feel I need to correct is the fact that City officials did not send out the letter for the initial meeting with McBride. McBride sent those letters only to the people they felt were directly impacted by the new subdivision. In my opinion that was unfair since the whole subdivision will be affected by the increase in traffic.

I never seen a McBride letter either. The letter I was refering to was from Wentzville.  Jeff Hackman 

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