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Trash Zone on Fairview Farms Circle

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Completely agree.  That is supposed to be my kids bus stop and I just take them to school because I don't want to stand right there.  The HOA needs to do something about this ASAP.  They're going to have a hard time selling that house the way the neighbors house looks.

This is crazy stuff,  We noticed the yougest children running in the street with no cloths on.  Truly worried about traffic and their safety.  Their idea is to yell car.  what the heck?  This place is a mess.  In the past the grass wasn't cut for months.  I hate to call others out but this must be.  It's not right.  Backyard?  Backyard should be decent as well but at least start using it instead.  They have to notice their neigbors don't live like this!

I know this sounds silly but has anyone tried talking to her? Maybe she doesn??™t realize that this is not how we want our neighborhood represented. Is she a renter or the homeowner? And yes, I agree, as a homeowner I expect that the HOA would step up and do something about it. It is absolutely ridiculous that I cannot park my camper in my driveway but this trash dump can continue to exist!! Sorry for the rant but not sorry! Our taxes are too high around here to be forced to look at that every day!!
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Our current HOA board of trustees has provided notice to our neighbor of violations related to the covenant for Fairview Farms. Apparantly, this has been an issue for some time from conversations I've had with one of our neighbors and from reading these comments. Previous board of trustee members have made no attempt to provide notice to our neighbor so this will be the first action taken by the HOA to provide awareness to our neighbor (that I am aware of). It also appears no one has talked to our neighbor in person about these concerns so, again, they are likely not aware of these concerns. The hope is this action will assist with helping our neighbor in meeting our HOA covenant.


There will be an HOA meeting in July. I would ask everyone to attend and share their concerns. There will also be an election for HOA Trutee members. This is an oppourntity to make ideas happen and resolve concerns. I would encourage everyone to be a trustee member at least once and help their neighborhood. 


Thank you

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