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Was in next door just posted it here

Have to replace that whole wall, so I had 3 walks damaged they have to replace all 3 walls, but back dud nit get damaged... basically means they cannot just replaced damaged sections of the wall. However the bigger part is the under wrapping/water proof a lot of our houses were built before that was code so Wentzville included that the under wrap is required to bring the exterior up to code so that is his yiu get siding matched as they will need to remove siding to put in the under wrap.. if yiu have an ordinance of law in your insurance policy they will required to bring riff and sid8ng up to code... thankfully I had that so was getting it anyway with the new Wentzville ordinances 


Mistyped with the ordinance of law on my insurance policy they had to bring up to code even before Wentzville 

last week applied those new ordinances 

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