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Hi, I am Jeanne Gallagher.  I owned Upscale Resale Home in Wentzville for 11 years and closed it in January 2018.  2018 was a difficult time of transition for my family and I.  You may have seen my box truck with the graffiti name on it in my driveway for a while after I closed the store.  It took some time but I finally did sell the boxtruck and my minivan with Vince's help.

Vince Pauley and I were married in March 2020 and we are ready to embrace the new chapter in our lives.  We have been working hard on the landscaping in our yard in 2020 to increase the curb appeal.  We are hoping to move in the next 2-3 years, but will have to stay local until he retires from GM.  We do have a camper, which you may have seen recently parked in our driveway.  We have taken several short trips with it and know that this is something we want to do a lot more of when we retire.  We are currently doing modifications on the interior and making plans to take her up to the mountains soon...hopefully for our honeymoon.  Covid19 has affected our plans to travel outside the US, as I am sure it has affected some of your travel plans also.  However, we are all making the best of our new lifestyles in this new era.  Stay safe & stay healthy everyone!

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