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Welcome to the Fairview Farms Homeowners Association (HOA) website.  Fairview Farms is a community of 102 homes conveniently located in the flourishing city of Wentzville, Missouri.  This webpage was created as a communication tool necessary to keep residents up to date about our area and, at the same time, give visitors a way to check out the neighborhood and possibly make Fairview Farms their next Home. Feel free to look around, get acquainted with your neighbors, and learn about what is happening in Fairview Farms.


New Resident

Hi everyone,   My wife and I are closing on Monday and just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are coming from Fenton, I am a Database Engineer/Army Reservist and my wife is a nurse and also in... more
Started: June 5th, 11:02 AMReplies: 3

Electrician needed

Looking for help with ARC breakers that won't reset. Reaching out to our local businesses in the neighborhood... or recommendations!  Kris McCorkle  more
Started: June 5th, 06:03 PMReplies: 0

Investor Property

So I see a large 40 yard open top dumpster in the driveway at Vans old house that just sold This subdivision is going to be all rented houses before long The Homeowners Association is not doing... more
Started: June 4th, 05:31 AMReplies: 1

Neighborhood Resource Guide

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Establishing A Successful Dog Park In Your Community
Bignose_th You've heard the complaints from the members of the community: dogs barking, dog messes, dogs off-leash and scaring others. What can you as a Board member to do control this problem and create harmony? Do you...
Does my HOA need to comply with the ADA?
Ada The ADA mandates accommodations for disabled persons in public facilities, which could affect your homeowners community. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides equal opportunity for individuals...
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Jul 29: Annual Fairview Farms HOA Meeting
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