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Welcome to the Fairview Farms Homeowners Association (HOA) website.  Fairview Farms is a community of 102 homes conveniently located in the flourishing city of Wentzville, Missouri.  This webpage was created as a communication tool necessary to keep residents up to date about our area and, at the same time, give visitors a way to check out the neighborhood and possibly make Fairview Farms their next Home. Feel free to look around, get acquainted with your neighbors, and learn about what is happening in Fairview Farms.


Missing cat

Is anyone missing a cat? There is a cat that has been living under my front porch for about a week now. If you or someone you know is missing a cat, please reach out.  more
Started: May 23rd, 02:56 PMReplies: 0

Slab Replacement Spring 2022

Hello,   In case you have not received a mailed noticed; the City of Wentzville will be starting the slab replacement at the entry way of Fairview Farms Dr and West Meyer Road this spring. I will... more
Started: March 28th, 01:47 PMReplies: 0

Telephone number for Angie Jorden at 1733 Fairview...

Hi, does anyone have telephone number for Angie Jorden 1733 Fairview Farms Circle? Or, please have her call me. I have something that belongs to her. I'm sick with covid so won't go there/ not up to... more
Started: January 6th, 03:36 PMReplies: 2

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What is Foreclosure?
Foreclosurethumb In order to purchase your house you probably had to borrow money from lending institution (bank, mortgage company, etc). When you signed the load documents you agreed that in the event you cannot make your...
Cats and Dogs... A Manager's Tale
Dogscats_th There is an old saying that it's raining cats and dogs. Well, this saying (or so I'm told) came from days of yesteryear when roofs were made of straw and the steep angle required for good run-off brought the...
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