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Welcome to the Fairview Farms Homeowners Association (HOA) website.  Fairview Farms is a community of 102 homes conveniently located in the flourishing city of Wentzville, Missouri.  This webpage was created as a communication tool necessary to keep residents up to date about our area and, at the same time, give visitors a way to check out the neighborhood and possibly make Fairview Farms their next Home. Feel free to look around, get acquainted with your neighbors, and learn about what is happening in Fairview Farms.


Privatizing the Hood

Hi Neighbors, This is not a new discussion but it's my first discussion so forgive me, but I'm starting from scratch. This is my take on and continuation from the meeting with the Mayor and the... more
Started: August 1st, 02:10 PMReplies: 20

my 7/23 meeting notes

I know that a few people were waiting for "minutes of the meeting".  I am not sure when they will be posted but I thought I would share the few notes that I took. There were many suggestions and... more
Started: August 1st, 12:03 PMReplies: 7

Second entrance not a favor! Just a insult!

I also completely agree with stloulady!  As this is worded..."shall be constructed", refers to future construction and not my opinion.  The city cannot pick and choose which... more
Started: July 29th, 12:38 AMReplies: 2

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