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Welcome to the Fairview Farms Homeowners Association (HOA) website.  Fairview Farms is a community of 102 homes conveniently located in the flourishing city of Wentzville, Missouri.  This webpage was created as a communication tool necessary to keep residents up to date about our area and, at the same time, give visitors a way to check out the neighborhood and possibly make Fairview Farms their next Home. Feel free to look around, get acquainted with your neighbors, and learn about what is happening in Fairview Farms.



Please be aware that today, April 14, 2021, between 1 and 2 PM, blasting will take place at the new McBride development behind Fairview Farms. more
Started: 3 hours agoReplies: 1

Trash Zone on Fairview Farms Circle

What can we do as neighbors to stop our neighbors from using the front of their yards as trash pits? Not to name names but it is on Fairview Farms Circle, I want to avoid confrontation so I hope the... more
Started: March 30th, 07:56 PMReplies: 10

Covenant By-Laws

Hello. I am interested in seeing the by-laws but there is nothing clickable to view under the pages and documents tab. Would you guys have another link to view those at or perhaps be able to email me... more
Started: April 8th, 10:48 AMReplies: 2

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Jul 29: Annual Fairview Farms HOA Meeting
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