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Welcome to the Fairview Farms Homeowners Association (HOA) website.  Fairview Farms is a community of 102 homes conveniently located in the flourishing city of Wentzville, Missouri.  This webpage was created as a communication tool necessary to keep residents up to date about our area and, at the same time, give visitors a way to check out the neighborhood and possibly make Fairview Farms their next Home. Feel free to look around, get acquainted with your neighbors, and learn about what is happening in Fairview Farms.


Imagine if you will...

When exiting Fairview Farms onto W. Meyer Rd., imagine there are two lanes; one for a right turn, one for a left turn.  So many times cars tare aking up the whole lane when exiting, resulting in... more
Started: July 10th, 10:46 AMReplies: 0

Dog waste

I have noticed a lot of dog waste in my front yard I do not have a dog, so please be respectful to your Neighbors and remove your dog waste from everyone??™s Yard should it happen If you believe... more
Started: July 9th, 03:34 AMReplies: 0

McBride proposal

The Board of Alderman will be meeting Wednesday, July8 @ 6:00PM.  City Hall is open to a limited number of residents for the meeting.  The proposed McBride developement is on the... more
Started: July 7th, 12:18 PMReplies: 0

Neighborhood Resource Guide

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Establishing A Successful Dog Park In Your Community
Bignose_th You've heard the complaints from the members of the community: dogs barking, dog messes, dogs off-leash and scaring others. What can you as a Board member to do control this problem and create harmony? Do you...
How to Prevent House Fires
05fire-jumbo In 2015, the U.S. Fire Administration reported 3,362 fire deaths, 271 being children between the ages of 0-14. Even when there are no casualties, house fires are a tragedy to a family and a neighborhood....
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Jul 23: Annual Fairview Farms HOA Meeting
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