We are still working to get our entrance sign installed. Since the island is not common ground and is owned by the City of Wentzville, the HOA is required to enter into a license agreement with the City and receive approval from the Board of Aldermen for erection of the monument. The Resolution was presented to the Board at the March 28th meeting, but due to a possible misunderstanding in the license agreement, was tabled until the next meeting.  The wording in the agreement states that if the City wants to expand, repair, or modify W. Meyer Rd. or Fairview Farms Drive, the HOA would be responsible, at our expense, to remove monument and landscaping, if necessary. After speaking with Douglas Forbeck, Community Development Director, about this issue, Mr. Forbeck stated that since W. Meyer Road is already five lanes at our location, he does not foresee any future modifications to that road or Fairview Farms Drive.  The plans are to enter into the License Agreement with the City and have the Resolution presented at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.