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McBride Homes Meeting Notes

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Presented here is a brief summary of the meeting held on January 22, 2020 with McBride Homes regarding new subdivision development behind Fairview Farms.


62 acres currently zoned Agricultural to be rezoned Residential.


238 homes to be built.


Currently in Unincorporated St. Charles County. Wentzville would have to annex the area.


Subdivisions affected by this development are:  Great Oaks to the north, Williamsburg to the west, and, of course, Fairview Farms.  There are, potentially, three access points being planned.  Fairview Farms and Great Oaks will be the only two providing access to the new development.  The third access point will be an existing road, Prairie Wind, located beside Pitman Funeral Home.


Several detention/retention ponds are planned for the new subdivision.  Areas of concern for water drainage in Fairview Farms were discussed and will be considered when plans are finalized.


A Traffic Study will be conducted to determine traffic flow.


If annexed by Wentzville and rezoned Residential, clearing land could start as soon as late 2020.


Please keep in mind, all information is preliminary and subject to change.


Updates will be sent by McBride Homes and will be posted here when received.


To see a map of the area, please click on "Pages and Links".

There goes this quiet neighborhood that once was something set apart from all the other massive subdivisions with ridiculous traffic throughout.
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