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What’s the Next Step?

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Attended the HOA meeting last Thursday (July 23). Had to leave before a plan of action was decided upon to block traffic from Prairie Winds. So what can we do as residents to move this further along?
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Seems to me would be to meet with the lawyer to seek a waiver for the "two exit" ordinance or "law" for developments of 100+ homes that was establihed by the Board of Aldermen in 2015 as I re-call the year.  Can the joint board of Alderman issue such a waiver?  True, back in the day, this was desired by the Board of Aldermen...now, there is a development that DOES NOT want that stipulation...so give Fairview Farms that waiver.  This will aid the new development by llowing an additional home to be built then on the property where the road would be constructed...leave Fairview Farms with the "connector" idle and blocked off.

I vote to use some HOA money towards a lawyer and if needed, I'll start with offering $1,000 of my own if we have a chance to get this moving.

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