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McBride Prairie Winds Documents

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For further information regarding the Prairie Winds development, please go to Pages and Links to find new documents.  The documents for your review include:  (1) Traffic Impact Study, (2) Traffic Calming Measures, (3) Stub Streets and Interrconnectivity, and (4) Subdivision Interconnectivity Map.  These are documents that were given to us by the City in our meeting on July 29.  


Thank you.

I have a question please. Is McBride proposing an entrance/exit west of Pitman Funeral Home onto west Meyer Road, along with, an entrance/exit onto existing Praire Wind Dr that leads to Wentzville Pkwy?

I can't find the Traffic Impact Study

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No.  The existing Prairie Wind Drive will be rerouted behind Pitman.  Prairie Wind Drive will not have access to Wentzville Parkway.  The new Prairie Wind Drive will have a left and right hand turn lane for access to West Meyer Road.

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