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Hi everyone,


My wife and I are closing on Monday and just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are coming from Fenton, I am a Database Engineer/Army Reservist and my wife is a nurse and also in Grad school to get her NP. 


We have three dogs two of them however are certified ESA and super friendly. Bassett hound and French Bulldog. 


Just wanted to say hi.


Also one question I did have was, who/what would we need to do to be able to have a privacy fence installed? Whom on the board would need to approve prior to?




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Hello Aaron and welcome to you and your family to Fairview Farms.  For the privacy fence, you need to get approval from the Architectural Committee.  Please click on "Our Info" at the top and then click on "Our Contact Information".  There you will find the info for the Architectural Board and Trustees.


If you need anything further, please let us know.

Hi and welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you will be happy here.

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Also check with the city to be sure it meet city code.

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