You may have recieved a mailed notice from the city of Wentzville titled "2021 Slab Replacement Notice".  This is for what has been classified as major street repairs at our entrance that connects to West Meyer Road.

- This work will start in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

- This estimated to take 5 to 6 days.

- Expected delays up to 10 minutes while work is taking place such as cement mixers and crews working to replace the concrete.

- We may see work equipment and crew vehicles in our neighborhood durning the work. We will have to adjust our parking if needed while this takes place.

- If any damage takes place on your property the construction contractor is responsible for repairs. Notify the city if this happens.


Our Entrance Sign

From what we know the sign at our entrance for Fairview Farms should be moved durning this construction and two turn lands (left and right) will be put in it's place. The city should be moving our sign to the east side of our enterance (on the side of the strip mall) at their cost.


Your HOA trustees will do our best to stay on top of and provide the latest information which will be shared on this site. The city may send out more information using their own methods.


You can also reach out to the city with questions at 636-327-5102.