In case you have not received a mailed noticed; the City of Wentzville will be starting the slab replacement at the entry way of Fairview Farms Dr and West Meyer Road this spring. I will parapharse but according to the notice we can expect 10 minute delays as construction takes place. An alternate route may need to be used. There is a connection at the back of the circle now which can be used. Some residents may not be able to access their driveway and will need to make parking arrangements for up to 3 days. It is encourage to make arrangements with neighbors and discouraged to park in the street due to construction equipment. M&H concrete will provide a flier 2 to 3 days for those where the parking issue may apply. Additional pink spray paint will highlight where work will take place. The city requires damage to property from construction be repaired by the contracted company. Notify the city of any damage as soon as it is noticed to the Department of Public Works 636-327-5102. Please try to provide notice of items like sprinker heads with flags or spray paint. 


Thank you