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Entrance Sign

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Now that the sign has been moved, can it be connected to electric for the lighting instead of depending on solar?  We really need to have the light back in my opinion.

I don??™t know about the lighting but I was wondering if the sign is going to be put into the ground all the way?
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In my opinion, setting the sign any lower would restrict view of it.  It would be better to surround the area with a variety of dwarf evergreens and perennials.  That will permanently obscure the view of the posts as well as add visual interest.


I was also wondering about this.  I would be happy to volunteer with Tanya and whoever else to pick out the plants and help get them planted.

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Lighting will have to be solar.  When the landscaping is done we will install some lights.  The sign is at the height that the city would allow.

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