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my 7/23 meeting notes

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I know that a few people were waiting for "minutes of the meeting".  I am not sure when they will be posted but I thought I would share the few notes that I took.

There were many suggestions and conversation did bounce a bit so these are in the order that I took them.


TOPIC:  McBride connecting new subdivision to our as well as Great Oaks Subdivision.  FF residents main concern is the increase in amount of traffic coming through, rate of drivers speed, pedestrian safety (especially with lack of sidewalks), increase in crime of opportunity also possible.

*Speed dips could possibly be added in new subdivision to help slow down traffic.

*Adding sidewalks to our subd. is difficult, expensive and not probably.

*2015 city rules changed-neighborhoods with more than 100 homes need more than one entrance/exit.

*A gate could be added at connection point, however, if that happens then our streets would become private and maintenance would be our responsibility and no longer city maintained for snow removal, patching, etc.

*Per mayor:  adding sidewalks to the half of our subdivision that has none would cost $175,000 and is not in the city's budget.  Also it would tear up driveways.

*McBride only sent letters to 39 of our 102 residents a letter informing them of their connection intent.  (Only 39 required by law?)  Only 3 residents responsed.

*Tricia (Alderman) joined us via phone.  She said she advocated for us at Board of Alderman meeting last night and mentioned that no FF residents were in attendance.  Lots of commotion erupted about this.  Apparently none of the FF residents knew that this topic was on the agenda.

*Tricia did ask and received mayors permission to discuss McBride subd. connection situation with our city attorney and ask if we have any recourse.


TOPIC:  Our detention basin becoming overgrown and RETAINING WATER.

*Issue was brought up re: tall weeds, trees and bamboo growing and blocking up the concrete spillways in our detention basin again.  This is causing silt, mud and standing water...CAUSING EXTREME MOSQUITO REPRODUCTION!  Could also be attracting wildlife, including coyotes.

*Hank R. said he has had difficulty getting bids to do clean up.  The mayor says if we send him an email he can help with referrals to get contractor names and bids.


Thank You!

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Thanks for posting; we will use it in the minutes.  Sorry we couldn't get there quick enough for you.  Maybe you should run for Trustee next year!

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