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Trash Zone on Fairview Farms Circle

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What can we do as neighbors to stop our neighbors from using the front of their yards as trash pits? Not to name names but it is on Fairview Farms Circle, I want to avoid confrontation so I hope the HOA takes action, it??™s a shame that a good neighbor that is one of the original homeowners in this subdivision has to put his house up for sale because living next door to this is too much. Just remember this is how it starts, if people don??™t take care of their homes we all lose in the long run. I am willing to help anyone if need be but being lazy and not caring about neighbors I can??™t tolerate. I am not shy about letting people know how I feel or hide who I am. Lloyd Brown 1744 Fairview Farms Bryantman2012@gmail.com
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I agree. We all live in this subdivision and want it to look nice. 

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I completely Agree !

The front of the house is in a complete disarray,I get it your running a day care out of your house

But do you need to leave all the equipment out in the front yard

ie: Tricycles, bikes toys, and a plastic gated playpen for pening up the small children?

And really a garden in the front of the house, not just one,  BUT  TWO of them

This is not Arkansas !

Come on HOA ........



HOA... a little assistance?!


The kid cage is ridiculous! Not to mention the hammock in the front yard??


Nothing worst but coming home around the corner and seeing that each evening. They make our street look like trash. I will be harsh and say it for all.

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