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Forklift attachment to bobcat

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Looking for help or advise:

Does anyone have any idea who this piece of equipment belongs to?

Do you have any idea how to get it removed?


There is a forklift attachment that has been sitting in front of my house for over a month now.  I live at 1789 Fairview Farms Circle.  I saw the crappy blue truck pulling the trailer full of construction materials park in front of my house and unload the bobcat one day.  They left the trailer with supplies there for over a week and came by periodically to offload supplies.  I kinda thought this was a subcontractor involved in the front entrance concrete project.  I noticed that no one has been working on the entrance either and has left us with basically one terribly bumpy lane to get through.  We are installing a patio and it has been quite a struggle to get through the entrance pulling a trailer.  I also cannot pull up with a trailer in front of my own house.  I am guite frustrated and am done biting my tongue.


I contacted the city 3 times as of yesterday.  Tina on switchboard assured me that she has again posted this info. for all city construction personell to see.  I was also transferred once to the person in charge of the entrance project, but have never received any response from anyone.  Now I am told it will have to be referred to the police department.  I am forwarding this message to the maor as well.  If someone doesn't pick it up very soon, I may have to just post it for sale cheap on Marketplace!  UndecidedLaughing

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I thought maybe it belongs to the guys tearing up the entrance 

I agree with you. They have left the front entrance a disaster. Also, The Fairview farms Drive cul de sac is a mess because of the heavy equipment used for the project. I was going to call the city but was not sure the number to contact. Do you have a specific number that you called? Maybe it would be helpful if we escalate the situation. I pretty sure the work up front is far from being completed, however, it would be nice to see them working toward the end result.
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talked to a city engineer today and he suppose to get in touch with the project manager for the street work being done who will in turn notify the contractor to get it removed.  

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