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Click Our Info and then click on Contact List.  You will find the trustee info there.

Haha, I wonder who you are referring to? Ooh "that house" lol

I did talk to the YOUNG mother of 5. Her husband is in the Guard and was away. She has 2 1/2 year old twins. When she parks and gets them out, one would run. In fact, one day I went outside and the child was in front of my garage and I was startled. I saw the mom and pointed that the child was with me,  then she told me what was going on. She emptied the garage in order to close the door to the garage so the child wouldn't run. I can't imagine the stress of wrangling 5 kids without their dad.


We've all wrongly judged folks. This family needs compassion. I agree we should try and help them as we are able. I, for one, have determioned I will try and help as I can and not be so judgemental.  

I have known many women, single mothers with multiple children who do not allow their home to look like a war zone. 


I guess we can find any excuse. 

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