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My parents raised 5 kids, my dad worked a full time job and our house was always tidy. Just saying
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The reference to this sites home page, then to top right link of "Contact Info" is correct. The trustee information is available where they can be contacted with concerns. A concern will be reviewed by the trustees in reference to the covenant bi-laws. Please be aware all parties must identify themselves and this information will be shared with only those involved in the concern. It is preferred that any issues with your neighbor were first addressed individually in a polite, respectfully and non-confrontational manner. 


Thank you

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I agree 100%!  I have been there myself.  My yard looked like crap back then.  I try not to judge others.  We do not know what storm they are trying to get through.  I noticed that most of their trash was not picked up yesterday.  Maybe she doesn't know that we now have to call the trash company for large item pick up.  Maybe someone could lend her a hand by making that suggestion and give her the phone number.  Life can be hard!  Be helpful when you can.

I think you just volunteered yourself?

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