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i know most of us will be replacing our siding I looked at the HOA and see nothing on siding coloring? Are there any restrictions on siding color?

I don't think there is any restrictions as far as that goes as you wouldn't be able to do weird colors colors anyway. You are lucky if your insurance covers total replacement.  Missouri is a no match state to they only need to replace the walls that are damaged

I am doing total replacement, my insurance had ordinance of law coverage which means as there is no under wrapping they have to replace, they were only going to do 3 sides, also there was a new law/rule nit sure what it us called thus past week in Wentzville requiring the under wrapping code. 

Wentzville passed a few ordinances last week requiring waterproof underlayment under any siding being replaced and colors of siding MUST match, the old and the new or else you have to replace all of it so it matches and there's something about how it attaches to your home. They also passed another ordinance regarding roofing and whatever goes under shingles and the shingles have to match if only replacing part of the roof or else you have to replace all the shingles on all the parts of your roof. 

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