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Privatizing the Hood

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Of course we will still pay our taxes. The Mayor said we??™d lose snow removal, street repair and road washing. I??˜m lost with the ??œassessment increase??? you speak of. If we have to increase our annual dues to make up for the above losses. So be it, I??™ll trade those pennies for the thousands in increased gained in house and neighborhood value. The entrance and exit will be ours to control, not McBride??™s. This a the only way we can control our own destiny.
I have no idea what happened to my post. What??™s with all the ? marks?
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I am just saying we would be paying twice...once through our taxes to Wentzville and the other through increased (double) our annual fees.  Just trying to make a point, not argue!

Why was our neighborhood fumigated tonight? This isn't okay. I have a child with an airway defect and now cannot breathe as we were outside playing. This is awful

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