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Privatizing the Hood

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Thank You Dale!!

Howdy all,

Well I went to the City planning office and received a return call from Doug Forbeck.

He needed to do a little research to see what the proceedures were to privatize the hood. He did a quick follow up and gave me a list an arm long as to why it wasn't a good idea (although admitting that he would have no activity in the process). Was quick to quote a price of $1.6 for the replacement of our streets. I knew right then that he had NEVER been in our neighborhood. 

My conversation advanced to question a member of the planning commitee as to how much real thought was put into disrupting a perfectly good, old and established neighborhood with an invasion of a hoard of " text and drive" idiots thorough our skinny little block. "Will you (the Planning Committee) be held responsible for the dead dogs, cats, children and squashed Senior Citizens when you swing open the gate?" I promised him that the committee, Mayor, and all Aldermen had received verbal warning that this was probable if not inevitable. BUT,  . . . I was over my head with glee when he promised no construction traffic through FF! What a guy.


Still, I want to thank everyone that I spoke with out there. I did not receive any negative comments about the prospect of privitizing. (Except from our F.F Committee President.)

But, "He's the one that counts because he's  the President!!!" If I had that much authority I'd flex my muscle about the trailer 3 doors down! Sorry, I was incorrect again . . . I always thought that they were Bi-Laws, but I was "wrong" I guess they are Bi-Suggestions. 


Done with it,





Am I understanding correctly that privatizing is NOT feasible and that you're giving up on gthe idea Dale? It's hopeless? A lost cause? Just want to be sure I understand what you said correctly. No judgement,  just clarification.

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Who, pray tell, is our Fairview Farms "Committee President"?  I know of no such person!

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