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Privatizing the Hood

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Hi Neighbors,

This is not a new discussion but it's my first discussion so forgive me, but I'm starting from scratch.

This is my take on and continuation from the meeting with the Mayor and the neighbors last week.

Sounds like our only advocate and newest Alderwoman has learned the proper political lingo including the ability to sell us out and justify it with mumbo jumbo jargan that; the bottom line being . . . she voted yes.

Of course she did. 

No skin in the game, much less "our game."


The ONLY suggestion that I hear worth it's salt was the proposal for Fairview Farms to become a Private Neighborhood.  

The single response that I recall was from the Mayor who immediately countered the idea with"the city won't sweep your streets (as if they can with all of the vehicles on our roads), no snow removal and/or street repairs. Well, SOOOO WHAT!


We only pay $75 bucks a year for neighborhood dues. (I heard that Bear Creek was over $400) Never-the-less, consider paying $150 or $200 (still stupid cheap) per year that would net us $15,000 to $20K annually. 


We could, or should be able to contract a Salt and Snow Removal Service for a set amount of about 3-4 thousand per year. That's a lot left over for a "tar in the cracks" company to finish the hood on the West end of F. F.


Within a year or two we could finish an inside or outside sidewalk if we wanted to.


We would be able to put a permanent gate on the North Road Stub, maybe put an entry gate up front too, one day.


We should have the funds to de-weed everyones front lawns and be dandelion free!

Yee Ha.


Here is the home run pitch, we would be the ONLY Private Neighborhood inside, much less, dead center of Wentzville. Our Home values would SkyRocket!!!


Truth is that we could also police ourselves and create some "pride in ownership."


This "new law" of requiring a secong entry/exit for a subdivision having more than 99 houses is a joke. A. We should be grandfathered in already. 

                            B. Who chose the number 99?  Other than Wayne Gretsky.

                            C. 102 is too close to the arbitrary fixed number of 99 to argue over.

                            D. Where's our "invisable Lawyer" anyway? If he's been out of Law                                     School for more than 30 days and worth his weight in salt he                                           could counter this.


So, that's my take and I've found 100% in agreement from those dozen I've spoken with. Seems like a lot of people never even heard the privatization issue at the meeting, but it was there. If you agree that we can and should do this, then, please lets get going on this Now. 

Get the votes from the neighbors, agree to the annual dues and tell the Attorney to submit the papers ASAP.

If we wait, McBride will not!



We agree COMPLETELY Dale! However, we heard that our neighbor two doors over has already been bought out because the road will be coming through here on Fairview Farms DRIVE (which is a circle, lol). We are considering selling our home and moving elsewhere. We do NOT want the proposed road in our front yard! We've lived here 15+ years and have certainly paid our dues every year but have seen nothing come of it but the entrance "monument" sign. We didn't know we even had an attorney anymore.

If we could get to work and turn Fairview Farms private then you'll wish you hadn't sold out.

There would be NO through street at the stub, only a metal gate that we (FF) would have the key to plus your house value would jump markedly.


If we no longer have an Attorney working for us then we'll get one. There's 2 on every street corner but we want one that's holds a grudge against McBride and has fangs.


The First and Main thing we need to do is have a F. F. meeting and get the paperwork done. ASAP


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A problem I see with this solution:  I don't think Wentzville will reduce our taxes if we become a private subdivision.  Therefore, we would be paying a larger assessment fee plus paying taxes on services we will no longer receive through the City!


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